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The Arbor Gate



About Us

The Arbor Gate, way more than a garden center, is quite literally an inspired collection that includes unusual plants, artisan-created decorative pieces, and a constantly changing array of items that bring beauty, comfort, and even flavor to the home and garden.

The Gate (as it's fondly called) is your entry to our symphony of color, fragrance, form, and function that can infuse your indoor and outdoor living spaces with personal warmth and beauty.

Plants are our passion -- regardless of your primary aim when you visit us, you'll find yourself surrounded by magnificent display gardens that can't help but inspire your creativity. And because the Arbor Gate family includes so many experienced and dedicated gardeners and plant experts, your questions will be answered with an unusual depth of knowledge and know-how.

We look forward to helping you achieve your own vision, whether you come to The Arbor Gate for information, inspiration, or both.

Join us and our dragonflies -- take an ordinary journey to an extraordinary place!


Gallery Image BD53E62E-E231-4A3F-AE18-763B8454AFF6.jpeg
Gallery Image 40BECE5B-94D2-49D9-99F8-9C18AFD39FE0.jpeg
Gallery Image 6DEAB494-FE08-4E4E-AB7C-7FB04A70340B.jpeg
Gallery Image B3B0D42C-72CD-42F5-92C2-AA8E8BA97083.jpeg
Gallery Image 3CF315B1-16E7-4973-BF2A-B7F7B4D2483D.jpeg
Gallery Image 8EFC2C52-3290-4439-87C9-FD207366FEFE.jpeg
Gallery Image 5DACD236-B374-437E-8A00-FEAB64C2197F.jpeg
Gallery Image C9CAD1E3-448A-4FC7-A5A3-649E2D310A3A.jpeg
Gallery Image DDA83756-209C-4DCB-A24E-81B37593A24B.jpeg
Gallery Image F8CF9676-0436-4C9C-9D24-9FA5F40E55C1.jpeg
Gallery Image F5CBF2B1-FF20-4B63-8102-D3E6C758BAF7.jpeg

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