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You don't have to take whatever life hands you lying down.

I'm Dorothy Davis, owner of DDaviscoaching.  Are you tired of those repeated cycles of self destruction and you have no idea why you do the things you do?  In my sessions we will work through the web of confusion to discover complex memories that hold you back. Let's do this journey together.

I understand that everyone has unique challenges stemming from childhood experiences and I take those things into consideration in my sessions. Each complex memory and event will be unraveled just as it was woven, one loop at a time.

As a Certified Dissociative Identity Coach (DID), I’m here to help you find those blockages that hold you back from experiencing and realizing your full potential. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and stressed there is an underlying reason and I’ll help you to overcome and move forward confidently.

- Provide an understanding of dissociation as a God-given coping mechanism that all humans use to one degree or another in order to navigate discomfort and trauma

- Assist survivors of satanic ritual abuse (SRA) and government sponsored mind control projects

- Strategic assistance to those that come out of highly traumatic backgrounds and general occult exposure

- Close doors that allow paranormal activity in the home

- Understand that not all dissociation results in alternate personalities, but severe and repetitive trauma beginning in early childhood will cause the individual to dissociate into alternate personality states


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